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What are LED lamps? LED lamps are the successor of halogen lamps. LED lamps are more energy efficient, have a longer life span and emit no UV radiation. They are, as with halogen lamps, available in different types of fittings: LED lamp GU10, LED lamp GU5.3, Solar verlichting  GU53, LED lamp GU4, LED lamp E27, LED lamp E14, and so on.

How economical are LED bulbs? LED lamps can be up to 90% more economical than halogen lamps. This is the main reason why we switched to LED lighting. A 50W halogen bulb can be replaced by a 5W LED bulb. You can see the difference directly on your energy bill. Per LED lamp you can save about ten euros per year. The payback time is on average 2 years.

How long do LED lamps last?

That depends on which type of LED lamp you choose. The standard LED lamps last an average of 15,000 hours. LED lamps that last longer are mainly intended for shops and businesses. So this is much more than the lifespan of halogen lamps. These last a maximum of 5,000 hours.

*At the specifications you can see what the life of the lamps is. Grondspots led kopen?

Can you dim all LED lamps?
No, not all LED lamps are dimmable. LED lamps that are dimmable are slightly more expensive, but have a longer lifespan. However, do pay attention when switching from dimmable halogen lamps to dimmable LED lamps, because traditional dimmers are usually not suitable for dimmable LED lamps. Moreover, many traditional dimmers have a minimum wattage of 50W.

Which wattage LED lamps?

LED lamps are on average 10 times more economical than halogen lamps. A 50W halogen lamp can therefore be perfectly replaced by a 5W LED lamp. With our products the title and/or the specifications state what the wattage could be if it was a halogen lamp. So you know perfectly which LED lamp to choose!

What color LED lamps?
LED lamps are available in 3 different colors: Warm white (2700 K – 3000 K), natural white (4000 K) and cold white (6500 K). For lighting in the house warm white is most commonly chosen, this is also the color of halogen lamps. Natural white is mainly used in bathrooms and cold white is ideal for places where productivity plays an important role, think of office spaces. Cold white gives an energetic and active atmosphere.

What color led lamps

Difference energy saving bulb and LED bulbs
As with halogen lamps, energy-saving bulbs contain polluting mercury, which of course is not environmentally friendly. The lifespan of low-energy light bulbs (up to 8,000 hours) is also much lower than the lifespan of LED lamps (at least 15,000 hours). The advantage of low-energy light bulbs is that they are slightly cheaper, but an LED lamp is a better investment since they last at least twice as long. In terms of energy consumption are about the same.

What are lumen (lm)?
Lumen stands for the amount of light coming out of a lamp. So more lumen is more light. For halogen lamps this is about 15-16 lumens per watt, for LED lamps this is about 50-80 lumens per watt.

Which brand of LED lamp should I take?
There are many different brands of LED lamps. We, online-ledshop.be, only offer LED lamps from Philips and Osram. With these brands you are 100% sure that you are buying quality. Their lamps always come out as one of the best from the tests. So we don’t offer any house brands or c brands from China of which you’re not sure what the quality is.